Most underestimate the reality of Noah's Ark  

Did dinosaurs go on Noah’s Ark?

I am planning to lead a group in my church through Atlanta’s Fernbank Natural History Museum in July or August.  It is a creation museum you see.  As long as you don’t look on the glass cases but rather look in them.  If you would like to come along please contact me. 

This is one of the most common questions I get when I go through the museum.  If we start our thinking with the Word of One who was there we have a very good answer. 

The Bible is clear that Noah took at least two of every kind of animal on the ark (Genesis 7:2,3).  Thus, since dinosaurs were animals they must have been there.  But how could a 100 ton, 90 foot long Argentiniosaurus fit on the ark?  Very simply.  Noah could have taken a young dinosaur on the ark.  They had a picture of this huge dinosaur with its eggs at Fernbank.  I asked the paleontologist there how big the eggs were.  She said they were less than a foot in diameter.  So, even these large dinosaurs were small once and could have easily fit on the ark. 

One reason people have a hard time believing this is that they have no idea how large the ark was.  God designed the ark with dimensions that made it virtually impossible to capsize.  According to Genesis 6:15,16 it was about 438 feet long, 73 feet wide and 44 feet high with three levels inside.  That means it was about 1 ½ football fields in length, it had about 100,000 square feet of floor space, it would hold 533 railroad stock cars and it had a volume of 1,396,000 cubic feet.


Thus, the ark was a massive barge large enough to haul its intended cargo.  Geologist and biologist John Woodmorappe spent twenty years in intensive research into creation and the Flood and produced the book, “Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study” with over 22 pages of references.  In it he calculates that there were less than 20,000 animals on the ark with the average size being smaller than a sheep.  He thoroughly demonstrates the feasibility of eight people taking care of the animals, food and water requirements, waste management, etc.

In Genesis 6:20 the Bible states that representative “kinds” of animals went on the ark.  Therefore, although there are many different types of cats in the world, creationists point out that there may have been only one or two “kinds” originally.  Likewise, there are over 600 different names of dinosaurs.  But there are probably less than 50 different kinds.  Every time a new dinosaur bone is found it seems to be given a different name.  At Fernbank, for example, there is one foot bone of a dinosaur and it is named “Albertosaurus.”  That is, many dinosaur names are the same for the same creature.

Unfortunately, another reason people have a hard time understanding this is because many Christians have undermined the Scripture when they illustrate the ark.  Many times, the ark is pictured as a cute boat with a giraffe sticking out of the top and Noah standing on board with a few smiling animals at his side.  This image of the ark ingrains in the children’s minds that perhaps this story was just a fairy tale.

The reality of the ark and the judgment upon wickedness that it represents is one of the most sobering and important lessons of the Old Testament.  I believe the importance of the reality of Noah’s Flood is seen in 2 Peter 3.  In the last days scoffers will come and it is interesting that according to v. 5 and 6, “For this they are willingly ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished…”  (By the way, I believe the Greek word for “willingly ignorant” is “dumb on purpose.”)  What is it they will deny according to these verses?  A worldwide flood.  Just as men scoffed at Noah for building the ark so also men will scoff at judgment for sin today and the way they will do that is to deny the Flood. 

Thus, we need to be equipped to defend the historicity of the Bible knowing that scoffers will deny it willingly.  If we understand real history according to the Bible we can show the wonderful message of eternal life.  Just as the ark was necessary for salvation from judgment of sin in Noah’s time, so also the ark of salvation of Jesus Christ is for us.

Therefore, dinosaurs were on the ark and, if we are equipped, we can use the “missionary lizards” to show that the way to be saved today is to be “on board” God’s ultimate Ark of rescue, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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