The Scopes trial was beginning of Darwinian bias

I have read a lot lately about the Scopes trial.  What was it and what was its significance?

Last week I began answering this question and now I want to deal more directly with the significance of the trial.  Its significance is that it highlighted the extent to which Darwinian evolution had impregnated the culture and it provided an undeserved dividing line between science and religion that still exists today.

I pointed out that although John Scopes was convicted of teaching evolution, the victory really belonged to the ACLU and the evolutionists. The reason for this was that the media covering the event mocked the Bible-believing attitude of William Jennings Bryan. Liberal journalist H.L. Mencken of the Baltimore Sun even made fun of the townspeople, among other things, calling them “gaping primates.”  Even today most historical accounts of the trial are terribly slanted against Bible believers.  William James, considered by some to be the father of modern philosophy wrote, “there is nothing so absurd but if you repeat it often enough people will believe it.”  The trial seemed to highlight the power of the printed page.  Even in the absence of hard scientific facts hundreds of pro-evolutionary textbooks, articles in professional journals, newspaper reports, and television documentaries have proven what James said. 

Dr. Thomas G. Sharp writes in his book Science According to Moses, “By the force of their voluminous repetition, the evolutionists have convinced multitudes of the ‘truth’ of the evolutionary story.  What many have missed, is that in any debate when an opponent is short on bona fide evidence (evolutionists always are), oftentimes he will merely ‘huff and puff’ with arguments that are ad hominum, ad hoc, and nothing more.  That is, he will appeal to the prejudices and feelings of his audience rather than to their intellect; he will invent and manipulate evidence when he clearly doesn’t have any; or else he will overemphasize a personal weakness of his opponent to the point of ridicule in order to gain his point.  Thinking that if he shows how ignorant and unreasonable are the arguments of his opponent, his stormy protestations will not only hide the lack of his own evidence, but will convince the hearers of the truthfulness of his own arguments…It worked in this century for the evolutionary evangelists, and the Scopes Trial is a case in point.”

He also points out that “deception is a terrible reality to which all people are exposed.  Furthermore, deception becomes uncontrollably dangerous when the bias of educators, whose opinion is accepted as fact, is opposed to Bible truth.”

The advances in science and technology of the time led many, not only in the media, but also in the church to follow the “white light of science” rather than remain true to Biblical teachings. Phillip E. Hammond wrote, “Conservatism lost the struggle, with the Scopes trial of 1925 being the publicized scene of surrender…” Many churches, with this historic landmark, began to concede the foundational issue of origin. Led by the compromise of many religious leaders America began to accept the lie that scientifically, God had very little to do with origins.  Religious leaders testified at the trial in support of the scientific evidence of the day.  (Their testimony was not a part of the trial but it was recorded in the transcripts.)  They reinterpreted the Bible in order to accommodate science.  Ironically, since the Scopes trial the evolutionists themselves have rejected almost all the scientific evidence for evolution that was presented.  Thus, this presents an interesting dilemma for some religious leaders today.   Are they to reinterpret their reinterpretations to fit the new whims of science?  Why not rely upon the scientifically reliable and unchanging word of God?

Sharp also points out that with God out of the picture, “man is only an animal evolved from beastlike ancestors and man has thus become a law unto himself.  Consequently, today man thinks that he is merely accountable to himself; that he must save the earth; that he must heal all his own diseases; the he is the only hope for the future—and on it goes!”

Evolution now has sole control in science and education and the existence of those who don’t agree is denied.  John Morris has said, “Creationism is good science and to exclude good science is bad education.”  Remarkably, many are appalled that evolution would be questioned as a fact and are even unwilling to call it a theory anymore.

Thus, with the momentum of the Scopes Trial, the help of the media, the compromise of religious leaders and the blind acceptance of “so-called” science evolution has become impregnated into the mind of our society.  Alfred North Whitehead, Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy at Harvard sums it up accurately when he said, “…students of the history of ideas should not look for those ideas which are under constant discussion in any age, but instead should look for those basic assumptions which are so fundamental to a man’s way of thinking that he does not even realize he is assuming them.  Evolution has by now become such and unconscious assumption in our society.”

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Originally published in the Rockdale/Newton Citizen