The teaching of evolution indoctrinates students

If we teach creationism in schools then won’t we have to teach all views of creation like that of the American Indians for example?

This certainly seems like fair-minded, free speech reasoning.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  This shows just how brainwashed we have become.  Forgive me for being so harsh in answering your question but as I researched this answer one word continues to come to mind – indoctrination.

Gould Blair, in this book, “Evolution? A Critique” writes, “Exposure to a freely available range of information concerning a subject is education.  Education allows us to reach informed opinions that are our own.  On the other hand, the deliberate and systematic suppression of all information that conflicts with a particular viewpoint is indoctrination.  Indoctrination manipulates people who are subjected to it because the only information made available is calculated to lead to only one conclusion.

“Victims of indoctrination have adopted opinions imposed by others through their suppression of all conflicting information.”

He goes on to explain, “Indoctrination does not refer to instruction, as of parents or the church.  To indoctrinate requires a near monopoly of the provision of information (as, through textbooks), together with the enforced acceptance of the information provided (as, through grades).  The evil of indoctrination is the exploitation of this position of dominance with a view to exercising a dominion over the beliefs and actions of others.  In our society the institution which, if abused, possesses the greatest potential to indoctrinate is the public schools.”

The “near monopoly” of evolution is government education is seen in the National Science Education Standards.  On page 11 the content standards for grades 9-12 there is a section entitled “Biological Evolution” and on page 19 there is a section entitled “The Origin and Evolution of the Universe.”  Of course, evolution is presented unchallenged and risk-free.   

Using schools to indoctrinate is exactly what the National Academy of Sciences wants.  In their document “Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science” published in 1998 any mention of creation is dismissed along with “mystical inspiration and superstitions.”  They redefine words like “fact” and “science” in order to accommodate their belief.  Once again, evolution is assumed, not proved and creation is denied, not refuted.

This is done to hide the fact that there is a complete lack of scientific evidence supporting the precepts of evolution.   Evolution provides no mechanism on how it works.  I have shown before that natural selection alone cannot prove evolution and mutations are actually the enemy of evolution.  Donald Chittick has written, “…there is no actual proof for evolution; it has never been demonstrated by laboratory experiment, and when all is said and done, it turns out to be a belief system.  Repeated confession of belief in something for which there is no proof is a well-recognized and practiced religious device, used to build the faith of the believer.”  

Now that I have explained that believing in evolution is just as much a religious activity as is believing in creation let me deal more directly with your question.  Biblical creationism is the only scientifically reliable view of creation and the only view of creation that can be supported by over fifty years of careful and extensive scientific research.  The Hindu view of creation for example, says that the world rests on the shoulders of four elephants.  Job says “the world hangeth upon nothing” Job 26:7.

Having said this, however, biblical creation does not have to be taught to prohibit indoctrination.  A very reasonable approach to teaching scientific origins is intelligent design. Intelligent design is scientifically and logically defensible and presented alongside evolution this view of origin is scientifically superior.  Thus, this is why many anti-creationists vehemently oppose it and desperately try to suppress it.

Unfortunately, however, as students open their biology books in this first week of classes this indoctrination continues. (By the way, evolution is not limited to the life sciences but affects the physical sciences, behavioral sciences and even the humanities.)  Evolution has become the most effective tool used in public schools to discredit and devalue the Bible, Christianity and thus our Lord Jesus Christ.  Its saturation of biology books prohibits students from explaining origins with an intelligent designer.  It prohibits them from critical thinking and from enjoying the freedom to inquire.  As Christians we must teach our children the truth of Colossians 2: 8,  “See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.”

In conclusion, teaching creationism is essential to presenting a fair view of origin in order not to be guilty of indoctrination.  Therefore, we must find a way to present it alongside the dogma of evolution and the most reasonable and fair-minded way to do this is by teaching intelligent design. 

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