Flood could have caused cooler temps

During the first week of school my son was taught evolution in his Social Studies class when they talked about the ice age.  How should I tell him to respond?

Last week I showed that the biblical/creation model of origin provides not only a plausible but also a scientifically superior explanation for an ice age.  It is important for your son to understand that the actual evidence for an ice age in geology can be harmonized quite effectively with the Bible and catastrophism, that is, the Flood.  Dr. Henry Morris writes, “…those who want to believe the Bible can do so in full confidence that the actual data of geology are consistent with such a belief, even though the apparent weight of scholarly opinion for the past century has been on the side of those who want to believe otherwise.”  Thus, I want to continue to answer this question by pointing out more evidence supporting the creation model and by seeing what the Bible specifically has to say about the ice age.

In order to explain an ice age there must be an explanation for a cooler earth.  Last week I pointed out that volcanic activity after the Flood would have caused a cloud of ash that would have blocked the suns rays.  Massive volcanic activity is evident in geology.  It is important to understand the largeness of these volcanoes.  Many of us remember Mt. Saint Helens and the cloud of ash that moved over the country after its eruption.  Geologist Dr. Steve Austin explains that this was a small volcano compared to those occurring   after the Flood.

Henry Morris also gives an explanation for a colder earth after a worldwide Flood.  He explains that global temperature is affected by the amount of water, carbon dioxide and ozone in the atmosphere.  Before the Flood, according to his vapor canopy model, a large amount of water in the atmosphere would have provided a greenhouse effect creating a warmer earth.  The loss of such a large amount of water in the atmosphere would have changed the climate of the entire planet to be a much colder one.  In fact, he suggests, before the Flood the cold Polar Regions probably did not exist.  The fossil evidence of tropical vegetation in the North and South Poles confirms this concept.

He also points out that the Flood would have completely stripped the earth of all vegetation.  Thus, after the Flood the carbon dioxide produced by plant life would have been non-existent at first.  Dr. Gilbert Plass, of the Office of Advanced Research of Aeronutronic Systems, Inc. in his extensive studies of the affect of carbon dioxide says: “Calculations show that a 50-percent decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will lower the average temperature of the earth 6.9 degrees Fahrenheit.  We can be reasonably sure that such a sharp drop of temperature would cause glaciers to spread across the earth.”

Gradually the carbon dioxide level would have risen and the ice age would eventually end.  Again, this process could be easily explained in less than 1000 years, not millions of years.

In order to assess the evidence for an ice age fairly we should also turn to the most reliable, oldest historical records available.  You might say there is no such historical account of an ice age.  Well, perhaps there is.  The oldest of all books in the Bible is the Book of Job.  Most scholars agree that Job lived at some time between the Tower of Babel and Abraham.  Thus, Job could have lived in the waning years of the ice age.  These verses in Job seem to indicate a reference to an ice age: Job 37:9-10 and 38:22-23.  Also, the climatic effects of the ice age seem to be described in Job 38:29-30, “Out of whose womb came the ice?  And the frost of the heavens, who fathered it?  The waters are hidden like stone and the face of the deep is frozen.”  This indicates that Job knew exactly what God was talking about either by first hand experience or historical/family records.  

Of course, there is no mention of Job in the Social Studies class.  Ignoring the contents of Job just because it is in the Bible is ignoring real history.  The Bible has withstood the test of time.  Certainly, anyone interested in discovering the facts of true history would consider this book for its important historic value.

Finally, I realize that after two columns on this subject I haven’t answered your most important question: “How should a student respond?”  Knowing about the biblical model for an ice age is important but more important is to know what to tell your child to say when he’s taught evolution at school.  I have had many parents ask me this and I will try to answer this question next week.

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