How did kangaroos get to Australia?  Your guess is as good as anyone else’s!

How could the kangaroo get from the ark to such an isolated place like Australia?

No worries, mate, there’s an easy enough answer to your question.  (Sorry, I guess I’ve been watching too much of the Olympics.)

The answer really is very simple: we don’t know because we weren’t there.  Also, I might point out, evolutionists don’t know and they weren’t there either.  However, with the biblical model I believe there are two very plausible, logical explanations.

The first explanation is: they hopped over there.  No, not in one big hop!  Rather, the land was dry and they migrated over on land bridges.  This is a very reasonable and probable explanation but in order to understand it we must understand the effects of the ice age and plate tectonics.  Previously, I presented the case for an ice age occurring after Noah’s Flood.  Such an ice age would have turned much of the water into ice and thus lowering the sea level and allowing a dry land passage.  Also, the effects of plate tectonics could have formed these land bridges.  Evolutionists themselves believe they could have caused an immense rising and falling of the sea floor creating, perhaps for only a short period (a century perhaps), a connection between Australia and Southeast Asia.  Kangaroos are marsupials (animals with pouches).  They do not survive well around predators.  Thus, they would have been forced by way of then-existent land bridges to remote areas like Australia.  They would have migrated in a southeastern direction until they finally survived in an isolated area. 

Some object to this because there are no fossils along the route.  The lack of fossils is certainly understandable when we consider how rare it is for a fossil to form.  Also, consider the fact that the western plains of the United States were once full of buffalo but we never find buffalo fossils there. Kangaroos probably migrated slowly and only spent a few generations in one place before they arrived in a friendly environment.  

Some also object to this because they say that all marsupials live in Australia, thus they must have evolved from there.  Even though there are a number of marsupials in Australia (koalas, wombats, wallabies,etc.) not all marsupials are native to the “Land Down Under.”  The opossum, for instance, is a marsupial.

Another consideration is that perhaps kangaroos did live elsewhere in the world but, because of their inability to stand against predators, they became extinct everywhere but Australia.

Finally, there is another perfectly reasonable explanation for kangaroos being isolated to Australia.  After Noah’s Ark I believe people got a great idea: boats.  I think a very logical explanation for kangaroos in Australia is that people took them there in boats.  Animals were very commonly used in trade in ancient times.  Perhaps someone living in Australia had a hankering for marsupials and traded away for them?

The point is, we don’t know why kangaroos ended up there and neither do the evolutionists.  Any explanation we might have must take into consideration of our limited understanding.  We must not fall into the dishonesty of the evolutionists by claiming we know, beyond a doubt, what happened in the past.  However, there are perfectly good, logical, plausible explanations that fit in easily with what we do know--that the Word of God is always right.

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