Big bang theory an attempt to explain away God

I have heard some well-respected Christian leaders say that God started everything with a big bang.  What is the problem with saying that?

Last week I discussed the harm caused by adopting the big bang as an explanation of how God started things.  The big bang was developed as a philosophical alternative to explain away God and it is unfortunate that many say that God started things with a “big bang.”  Certainly it is true that God started the universe instantaneously but in saying that this immediate beginning was a big bang is illogical, unscientific and disturbing.

Charles Darwin popularized the idea of biologic evolution as a way to explain the origin life.  In 1927 Belgian physicist Georges Lamaitre, the father of the big bang, said the origin of the universe was a “primordial egg” which exploded eventually creating our universe as we see it now.  The name “big bang theory” was actually a disparaging term given to the idea by astronomer Fred Hoyle.

The first question is, “What laid the primordial egg?  A primordial chicken?”  The point is, the big bang theory has no explanation of ultimate origin.  That is, it still does not explain where the matter and energy came from to cause the explosion.  Proponents of the theory today avoid this argument with a play on words.  It is common today to use a fancy-sounding word, “singularity,” which they define as the whole of space shrunk down to zero volume.  But, the problem remains even if everything is brought back to the most basic of all elements, hydrogen.  Hydrogen is far from being simple.  Its structure indicates design and energy is required to hold it together.  Henry Morris has said, “If the evolution is true then we can define hydrogen like this: a colorless, odorless, invisible gas if given enough time becomes man.”

The biggest and most obvious flaw of the big bang theory comes when we examine this very complex scientific concept.  This is very difficult for many to understand so bear with me as I try to explain this incredibly complicated scientific concept:  When things explode they break apart.  Explosions never cause an increase in order but a decrease in order and an increase in chaos.  This obviously must be hard for many to understand because the big bang is so readily accepted by some of the smartest people we know.

The big bang is a very powerful explanation because it exercises such a hold on the imagination.  In a culture raised on Star Trek the line between fiction and fact has been blurred.  Referring to the impossibility of the “big bang” to work Dr. Keith Wanser, Professor of Physics said, “People are overawed by the complex maths involved.  They don’t realize how much philosophical speculation and imagination is injected along with the maths—these are really stories that are made up.”  He explains that in order for the big bang to work “they have to get matter out of energy.”  Since this has never been shown to occur without producing equal amounts of matter and antimatter he goes on to say, “Instead of abandoning the ‘big bang’, they conveniently hypothesize a way to violate scientific law, a fudge factor if you like.”

The failings of the big bang are especially amplified when we realize how it blatantly contradicts the fundamental laws of science.  For example, by failing to provide and explanation for an ultimate first cause the big bang violates the foundational principle of cause and effect.

The most common scientific explanations for the big bang are the red-shift in light in distant stars and background radiation both of which are weak arguments and both of which can be understood better within the biblical framework of an ex nihilo (out of nothing) supernatural creation.  

Finally, the most disturbing problem with saying that God started things with a big bang is that the theory undermines the credibility of the very first book of the Bible, Genesis.  The big bang theory teaches that the stars and the sun were created before the earth.  Genesis clearly teaches that the earth was created before the stars, which were not created until day four.  Also, the big bang assumes millions of years, actually 10 to 20 billion years as the age of the universe.  This would mean millions of years of death, disease and suffering before Adam.  Why would God say, “It is very good” after creating Adam if he were the result of millions of years of death?

The big bang theory is simply a far-fetched attempt to explain away God.  It is a hopeless theory that should not be embraced by Christians.  Instead we should be equipped to expose the lie of evolution and the big bang by standing firmly on the ultimate truth of the Bible.

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