Evolution has been used throughout the centuries to justify murder

I was impressed with the statement you made when you talked to our group regarding abortion.  What is the link between evolution and abortion and what were those statistics you mentioned?

There is probably not a more emotional issue that faces our country today than that of abortion.  It is surprising that there can be disagreement about this topic since this is really about people being cut up, sucked out in bits and pieces and thrown away as garbage.  Why is that in a society of civilized human beings that we can justify and tolerate this kind of killing of fellow human beings?  The answer to this question lies in the very corrupt roots of evolution.  The foundation of truth and moral behavior that our country was built upon has been replaced by the pseudo-science of evolution.  The only way to justify such an act would be to say that the "fetus" is not human.  This is exactly what science (or in reality "pseudo-science") tells us.  In our nation it seems like science has replaced truth and this is no more evident than in this debate over abortion.  The pseudo-science used to justify abortion is an idea called embryonic recapitulation described by the dictum "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny."

In 1868 a German scientist by the name of Ernst Haeckel developed this concept, which he termed the Biogenetic Law.  It says that an embryo, as it develops (ontogeny) repeats (recapitulates) its evolutionary ancestry (phylogeny).  That is, as his diagrams showed, a human embryo passes through various stages in its development and that man and animals are perfectly alike indicating a common origin.  Most notably he pointed out that an early embryo has what appears to be gill slits and a tail.  In 1874, however, embryologist and professor of anatomy Wilhelm His proved that Haeckel had played fast and loose with the facts and had actually doctored his diagrams.  Yet, Haeckel's conclusions and fraudulent diagrams continue to be presented today and are used as scientific justification for abortion.  It is postulated that aborting a baby was nothing more than killing an animal.  A "fetus" does not have rights because it is not fully human. 

Why is it then that so many still cling to this outdated idea based on evolutionary principles?  The reason is because evolution is a religion, not science.  Repeated confession of belief in something for which there is no proof is a well-recognized religious devise.  In fact, Ken Ham correctly calls it "the anti-God religion of death."  For example, in the late 1800's evolution was the justification for the killing of Australian Aborigines thought to be "missing links."  After all, they reasoned, the Aborigines were doomed die by natural selection like the dodo and the dinosaur.  Also, the scientific justification that Hitler used was eugenics, which is based on Darwinism and was developed by Charles Darwin's cousin Frances Galton.

Regarding abortion and the statistics you asked for, Ken Ham compares the war casualties from the wars in the history of the United States by indicated the number of deaths by crosses that represent 25,000 people killed: the Revolutionary War, 1 cross; the Civil War, 20 crosses; World War I, 6 1/2 crosses; World War II, 22 crosses; the Korean War, 2 crosses; the Vietnam War, 2 1/2 crosses; the death from abortion in the "evolutionary war" since Roe vs. Wade: over 1000 crosses!  That means more than 26 million people!

The casualties of this war are becoming even more gruesome with the legality of partial birth abortion.  Why is it that this kind of killing can continue?  Why is it that the rights of the most innocent of all human beings are ignored?  The answer to these questions is that Christian absolutes have been removed as the basis of our society.  There is a general acceptance, even among Christians, that all views should be tolerated except the view that there are absolutes. 

How is it that so much money and effort can be spent to attack abortion and this atrocity continues?  This is because the real issue is not about abortion but about absolute authority.  If we continue to fight this battle without an appeal to absolute authority then we will continue to lose the battle and lives will continue to be lost.  Unless there is recognition that there is a God that we are accountable to and that laws are not just a matter of our opinion then the war casualties will continue to grow.  Only when we turn back to God as Creator and recognize that we are accountable to Him as the lawgiver and the ultimate authority will we be effective in this fight.

Next week I will continue to explain the foundational nature of the issue of abortion and evolution.

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ŠTom Carpenter
Originally published in the Rockdale/Newton Citizen