Can we reconcile God and the theory of evolution?

Why can't there be evolution and a God who made it that way?

I appreciate your question especially since it shows that you are a very thoughtful 12 year-old.  I realize why you might draw this obvious conclusion since evolution is accepted so readily in the world today.  For example, I was browsing through the children's section of the library the other day and quickly found five books on evolution.  Also, sadly, many preachers and theologians have also accepted evolution blindly and see nothing wrong with it.

However, the answer to your question is really very simple: God could not have used evolution to create that way because the Bible does not allow for it.  If you read the creation account in Genesis you could never come up with the idea of evolution.  There is no hint of evolution in Genesis; it just does not fit.  Unfortunately, scientists who say evolution is true have intimidated many people.  This has caused these people to come up with many different ideas of how to fit evolution into the Bible.  These people have made two major mistakes.  First, they mistakenly believe that science proves evolution.  Second, they add evolution to the Bible instead of starting with the Bible to understand how God made things.

So, first let me explain why science not only cannot prove evolution but instead favors creation.  Evolution and creation are both reconstructions of the unobserved past. Therefore, there is no way to prove, with science, what happened in the past if no one was there to see it.  Science is making observations; it is using your five senses in the present to draw conclusions about the world we live in.  Real science involves things like the law of gravity, the laws of thermodynamics, computers and sending men to the moon.  Evolution has nothing to do with these things.  It has to bend and twist to accommodate the laws of science like the first and second laws of thermodynamics, biogenesis (life cannot come from non-life) and the law of causality (cause and effect).  Creation, on the other hand, has a better explanation for not only these laws of science but for things like the fossil record, dinosaurs, and DNA.  It is simply not rational to believe that evolution could have caused the design that is present in our universe.  From the stars to the cells in our bodies complicated design by an intelligent designer is obvious.  Evolution denies reality and is, in effect, an assault on real science.

Next, let me explain why adding evolution to the Bible is so dangerous.  If evolution was true and if we started with the Bible to figure out how things began (their origin), then we would find that the Bible would say something about the earth being very old (millions of years) and something about plants, animals and people changing over these long ages to become what they are.  Well, the Bible does not say anything about millions of years.  In the description of creation in Genesis chapter one God, the writer of Genesis, uses the word "day" along with the words "evening and morning" to describe how long it took Him to create the different things of each of the six days.  If we use the Bible to interpret the Bible we look at where this word "day" (the Hebrew word is "yom") is used like this in other parts of the Old Testament.  Every time this word "yom" is used this way it always refers to a 24-hour day like we have today.  The Bible also never speaks of plants, animals or people changing over long periods of time.  God simply says He created and "it was so."  Also, in Exodus 20:11 God confirms that this must mean six normal days when He says, "For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth…"

It is very important not to add to the Bible.  That is what has to be done in order to make evolution fit.  God said in Revelation 22:18, "I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophesy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God shall add to him the plagues which are written in this book."  So, for the Christian this is a very serious thing.  Even for non-Christians this is important.  They must realize how unfair it is to present only one side of the story.  Many people agree that prejudice and censorship are just not right.  That is exactly what is going on today.  Only the evolution view is promoted and accepted.  Therefore, it is important not to think that "cutting and pasting" evolution into the Bible is a dignified way to surrender the debate.  Evolution is an inefficient, wasteful and cruel process totally against the character and nature of God and by accepting evolution we yield up territory without cause.  The creation model of origin embraces science and the Bible clearly teaches creation, so we must stand firmly on its truth, reject evolution and not fall into the temptation to add evolution to the way God said He created.

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