Can you explain ancient civilizations in the context of the Bible?

How do you explain the Egyptian pyramids and other advanced, ancient civilizations if you believe in the Bible?  

Perhaps a better question would be, "How are these things explained if evolution is true?"  If evolution is true, then the further we go back in time the more primitive man would be.  However, as we learn more about the pyramids and these advanced, ancient civilizations it only confirms what we would predict if the Bible is true.  There is simply no evidence of a slow, gradual development of knowledge but instead, all over the globe archeologists uncover advanced, ancient civilizations, which seem to have come about relatively quickly.

I appreciate your question because pyramids provide an excellent example of a culture with fully developed knowledge right from its beginning.  Interestingly, similarly built pyramids are found all around the world.  The best explanation from evolutionists is that these all developed independently.  This conclusion seems unsatisfactory but if we consider the events of history described in Genesis we can develop a much more reasonable explanation.  Genesis 11:1-9 describes the tower of Babel.  It was probably a ziggurat, the original type of pyramid, examples of which are still found in present-day Middle East.   As we know from this passage God dispersed the people to all areas of the earth, "So the Lord scattered them from abroad from there over the face of the whole earth…"(verse 8).  Thus, they would have taken their technology with them.

This would provide a reason for the lack of evidence of experimentation with the pyramids.  Graham Hancock, in his book, Fingerprints of Gods (page 135) explains: "The archeological evidence suggested that rather than developing slowly and painfully, as is normal with human societies, the civilization of Ancient Egypt, like that of the Olmecs, emerged all at once and fully formed.  Indeed, the period of transition from primitive to advanced society appears to have been so short that it makes no kind of historical sense.  Technological skills that should have taken hundreds or even thousands of years to evolve were brought into use almost overnight--and with no apparent antecedents whatever." (emphasis his)

Therefore, by starting with the assumption that cultures start simple and become more sophisticated then the pyramids simply, "make no historical sense."  On the other hand, by examining the events described in Genesis it makes good sense. 

First, we know from Genesis 1:31 that originally man (Adam) was "very good."  Thus, his intelligence would have been greater than what we have today.  For example, he named all the animals on day six.  Unfortunately, with the introduction of sin, mankind has felt the effects of sin in his gene pool and our bodies are no longer considered "very good."  More mutations and more time away from the "goodness" of Adam have left our bodies and thus, our minds, corrupted by the affects of sin.  This is contrary to the common teaching that ancient man was primitive.  However, the Bible in Genesis, chapter four tells us metallurgy, musical instruments and organized agriculture had developed only seven generations after Adam.  Hence, the intelligence of mankind before and after the Flood would have been great.  After the Flood, Noah and his family would have passed along much of what had been learned from the antediluvian period to the next generations.  Thus, those closest to Noah would have been the most intelligent.  This is exactly what we see when we look at the Ancient Egyptian pyramids.  The highest quality pyramids both architecturally and mathematically are the first ones.  Even with the advanced technology that we have today it is not known how the early pyramids were built.  For example, the pyramids required an absolutely level foundation and the construction of the burial chambers within them constitute nothing less than what one author calls "a masterpiece of engineering."

The problem that the advanced technology seen in pyramids poses to the idea that man evolved from a primitive ape-like creature seems to be overlooked or explained away by some rather ridiculous explanations.  Incredibly, one of the common explanations given to us by modern science is that aliens came down and helped them out.  This is a sad commentary on science and our society.  Many seem ready to accept an answer out of science fiction or any other source rather than acknowledge the historic truthfulness and reliability of the word of God.  The tendency seems to be to accept some other standard of truth instead of God.  Evolution's explanations of the past simply do not agree with reality. 

Therefore, the existence of pyramids and other advanced technology fit very well with the history recorded in Genesis and we must be careful not to try to superimpose ideas, which may be literally from outer space, on Scripture.

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