What is the significance of the Kansas School Board’s decision?

What is the significance of the Kansas School Board’s decision last week to teach evolution again?  

On August 11, 1999 the Kansas School Board voted 6-4 to adopt a new set of science standards.  These standards were unique for public science standards not just because of their mild de-emphasis of evolution, but because they attempted to encourage critical thinking and protect the rights of those students and teachers seeking to find a logical and rational explanation for the origins issue.  This small attempt to threaten the monopoly of information by evolutionists brought on a vicious attack.  Since evolution can only survive on censorship, not science the anti-creationists immediately began a campaign of misinformation.  With the help of a sympathetic media the incorrect news quickly spread that Kansas would no longer teach evolution and would teach creation. 

Ignorant to the facts and gullible to the disinformation campaign the Kansas voters elected a new board last November.  Then, on Charles Darwin's birthday, February 12, the vote came to the newly elected board.  Two days later the new board voted in standards that were even more pro-evolution and discriminatory than before. 

In order to understand the significance of this decision it is important to realize how the teaching of evolution has become nothing less than indoctrination.  I do not use that word capriciously or maliciously.  When we examine the definition of indoctrination it becomes obvious that the best example of indoctrination in America today is the teaching of evolution. 

Gould Blair, in this book, “Evolution? A Critique” writes, “Exposure to a freely available range of information concerning a subject is education.  Education allows us to reach informed opinions that are our own.  On the other hand, the deliberate and systematic suppression of all information that conflicts with a particular viewpoint is indoctrination.  Indoctrination manipulates people who are subjected to it because the only information made available is calculated to lead to only one conclusion.

“Victims of indoctrination have adopted opinions imposed by others through their suppression of all conflicting information.”

What is even more disturbing about this indoctrination is that it uses taxpayer dollars and the public schools to promote a belief.  This belief is the belief of philosophical naturalism.  Naturalism is the doctrine that all phenomena can be explained through natural processes.  By definition, therefore, it excludes any explanation of beginnings that involves the supernatural.  Although it is true that natural processes govern what we observe in the present, it is unreasonable and irrational to believe that the addition of heaping doses of time and chance to these natural processes could have produced the complexity of the universe without the help of an intelligent designer. 

Every area of science welcomes debate and encourages testability and scrutiny except evolution.  The creation model of origin has proven that it is debatable.  However, because it is a superior explanation the only way evolutionists can win the debate is to prohibit the debate.

Supreme Court Justice Brennan in the Arkansas trial explained, “Families entrust public schools with the education of their children, but condition their trust on the understanding that the classroom will not purposely be used to advance religious views that may conflict with the private beliefs of the students and his or her family.”

The Kansas School Board in 1999 ensured that this would not happen by making sure that their science standards did not promote creation nor did they promote the teaching of philosophical naturalism.  They allowed all students to participate in the debate and opened the door to examine the assumptions behind the conclusions.  They also kept students from having to answer questions that were in conflict with his or her private beliefs like this one: The earth is (a.) 6-10,000 years old (b.) 100,000-200,000 years old (c.) 4-5 billion years old (d.) we don't know for sure.   The correct answer according to the traditional science standards is "c".  Those who believe in the historicity and accuracy of the Bible would get this wrong.  These standards would not have changed the answer to "a " but they would have either eliminated the question or prefaced the question with, "According to evolution the earth is…"  Now, however, these standards have been overturned.  Evolution is once again taught as fact, unchallenged and risk-free.  It is once again treated as a unifying principle of science. 

This sad turn of events is certainly not unexpected.  The indoctrination in evolution has been going on a long time.  For those of faith and even for those concerned with good education and fairness it is up to us to become educated in this issue ourselves.  For the Christian specifically it is essential to be correctly educated about the issue of origin since evolution attacks the foundation of Christianity.  Thus, Christians must be not only equipped (1 Peter 3:15), but also able to expose the wrongness of evolution (Ephesians 5:11). 

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