The PBS film series "Evolution" (part 1)

Since this is a "question and answer" column I would like to ask you, the reader, a question this time.  Do you believe that God is incompetent?

Kenneth Miller is a Roman Catholic and an evolutionist.  He wrote, "To adopt the explanation of design we are forced to attribute a host of flaws and imperfections to the designer.  We would also have to attribute every plague, pestilence, parasite to the intentional actions of our master designer, not exactly a legacy calculated to inspire love and reverence.  Finally, whatever one's view of such a designer's motivation, there is one conclusion that drops clearly out of the data: He was incompetent."  Miller was shown attending Mass in the Public Broadcasting (PBS) film entitled, "Evolution."  Apparently, the program was attempting to present Miller as a Christian who can accommodate evolution and still believe in God.  I know a lot of Catholics and I do not know any of them that would claim that God is incompetent.  Obviously this low view of God cannot be held of anyone who is a Bible-believing Christian. 

So, why would public (government) television misrepresent Christianity with such a caricature?  The answer became obvious very quickly in the first of the four-day series "Evolution" which aired on PBS this week all across North America.  The intentions were to present evolution as science, ignore any scientific criticism and to characterize any opposition to it as bigoted religiosity.  Receiving almost unlimited funding from Clear Blue Sky Productions (founded by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen) the eight hours of programming along with numerous study guides including a book, a teacher's guide and internet resources is one of the largest evolutionary propaganda efforts ever attempted. 

Most who watched the series and who will watch it as it is re-broadcasted and spread throughout the world will never realize that it is indoctrination and that it is a shameless assault on science, the Bible and Jesus Christ.  Gould Blair in his book, "Evolution? A Critique" defines indoctrination as, "the deliberate and systematic suppression of all information that conflicts with a particular viewpoint is indoctrination.  Indoctrination manipulates people who are subjected to it because the only information made available is calculated to lead only to one conclusion.  Victims of indoctrination have adopted opinions imposed by others through their suppression of all conflicting information."

This indoctrination became clear when the Discovery Institute confronted PBS with a clear factual error.  The program claims that the DNA code is universal and uses this proof for a common ancestor.  It has been known since the 1970's that this is false; that there are exceptions.  A PBS spokesperson reacted by attacking the Discovery Institute rather than addressing the scientific problems presented by the program.

The program makes many attempts to attack the idea of a common designer.  Darwin appears as a heroic sacrificial victim of his day by proclaiming the idea of a common ancestor.  His opponents are characterized as inflexible, arrogant Bible-thumpers.  Ironically, the idea of a common designer better explains common features than Darwin's idea of common ancestor.  Just as one observes similar features in paintings by the same artist, one observes similar features in God's creation because He is the common designer. 

The idea of Darwin's "tree of life" is beautifully dramatized as an irrefutable fact confirmed by biologists in South America even today.   Deceptively the program focuses on variations in Darwin's finches as proof of evolution.  However, no one has ever shown that a finch has ever evolved into anything other than a finch.  Instead, this variation is exactly what we would expect if the Bible were true.  Many variations in kind would exist from an original pair.

Bible-believing Christians do not oppose the scientific evidences presented in these programs.  The problems are with conclusions and with the beginning assumption that evolution is true.  The evidence presented can be explained better with the model of creation supported with the Bible.  The essence of the problem with these films is that they attempt to relegate religion to areas that only deal with ethics and morals and science to areas that deal with the facts of the real world.  Stephen Jay Gould, an atheist, (quoted many times in the series) promotes this dogma.  He conveniently categorizes God and the Bible as areas of mythology and superstition.  This attack is essentially on the person of Jesus Christ.  By demoting the events of Genesis to mythology it attacks the very gospel message. 

Jesus Christ realized the problem with those who reject Genesis when He said, "Do not think that I will accuse you before the Father; the one who accuses you is Moses, [Moses wrote Genesis] in whom you have set your hope.  For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote of Me." 

Therefore, the evolutionary indoctrination of this project is a serious battle in spiritual warfare.  Unfortunately, many Christians are not equipped to defend the truth of Scripture in this area and do not realize that this is a major battlefront that must be fought.  Webster's defines the word battlefront as, "the area where actual combat is taking place between armed forces."  The atheists have shown that they are well armed to fight on this battlefront.  Unless Christians become armed and able to defend the hope of the gospel, this battle will continue to claim victories like this one by the PBS production, "Evolution.   

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ŠTom Carpenter
Originally published in the Rockdale/Newton Citizen