Little Little River Canyon provides compelling evidence of recent cataclysm

"Any power that's contained in anything took a greater power to place that power within that one thing.  So, when we look at God's creation we see that God is omni-powerful!  He is all powerful!"   These are the words of Mr. Jerry Akridge, an engineer and a creation scientist who lives in Arab, Alabama.  I had the privilege of spending the day with him and his lovely wife in an area tucked away in the Northeast portion of his state on Lookout Mountain.  Akridge, who has been giving field trip tours of the area since 1988 explained that the top of Lookout Mountain forms a plateau from one to 10 miles in width and extending from Chattanooga, Tennessee southwesterly for a distance of approximately 80 miles.  Carved out of the top of this mountain is Little River Canyon.  Yes, that’s right, on top of the mountain is a 12-mile long canyon.  Akridge has published some of the only research available on the origin of the canyon and the surrounding area.  His research has led him to the conclusion that the evidence there indicates cataclysmic erosion in the recent past.  He said, “Everything speaks of recency of formation.”  What we see “indicates cataclysmic erosion on a scale that was colossal.”

The question then becomes “What could have caused such colossal erosion in the recent past?”  Akridge in his evaluation of the data has an advantage over most scientists: he also considers the truthfulness of the Bible.  As a scientifically and historically reliable record of the events of the past Akridge concludes that the effects of Noah’s Flood described in Genesis would produce exactly the geology that is seen in this area.  Quoting Genesis 6:13 he pointed out that God not only destroyed all the people with the Flood, but also the earth.  The effects of a worldwide flood would have provided tremendous energy to cause “the destruction left that we see now.”  Thus, he says, "We're living on a catastrophically restructured, washed out, eroded, and modified planet."

The timeframe as outlined in God’s word that the Flood occurred about 4500 years ago fits perfectly with the evidence.  The “vertical walls of the canyon tell you that not much time has elapsed.”  Millions of years of erosion would have flattened the sandstone, not created a canyon.  Akridge also pointed out that the canyon comes within 500 feet of the edge of the mountain.  This is not at all what would be expected if the mountain and canyon formed over millions of years.  If millions of years were involved in its formation one would expect to find a delta at the end of the canyon.  No such delta exists, so what happened to the material?  The powerful forces of a gigantic flood "carrying the material beyond being able to now find it" provide the most reasonable explanation.  As the high-energy waters of the Flood carved out the canyon it would pick up more silt and sand thus causing much greater erosion downstream.  This is exactly Akridge observed with his research.  In addition, the Little River is considered an “underfit stream” because it is too small to have caused the massive erosion that is seen in the canyon.

A few miles upstream from the canyon on the west fork of the Little River is Desoto Falls and even more evidence for the Flood.  The U-shaped valley that the Little River goes through and the notch carved out by the waterfall again give evidence of recency of formation and evidence against millions of years.  The water falls 100 feet into a “cirque-shaped” basin—a huge bowl about 400 feet in diameter.  This geology is what the young earth flood model predicts. 

Evidence in the sandstone walls surrounding the waterfall shows many layers of sandstone lying on top of one another.  Akridge explains that these layers indicate sand carried by the floodwater was laid down in layers.  This explanation is much easier to believe than that given by those wanting to believe the area was laid down with a lot of time.  Although this sandstone is much harder than some sandstone it could not have withstood millions of years of erosion demanded by the evolution model.

Truly God's power is evident in what He has made at Little River Canyon and Desoto Falls.  These are only a few of the many evidences of the effects of Noah's Flood on this beautiful country that Jerry Akridge showed us that day.   In a later column I will explain some of the additional evidences plus explain more about the work and the life of a creation scientist.

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Originally published in the Rockdale/Newton Citizen